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Hi, I am Patrick

Patrick Jennings

Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat, Inc.

GPG Key: B91D73E61A5C1F57

I am a full-stack developer in the Raleigh RTP area who enjoys using and creating open-source software while working in a Linux environment. I have 10 years of professional experience with web development, APIs, high performance computing, data analytics, artifical intelligence, distibuted systems, database design and mantainance, and custom integrations.

Ever since I was a child, I have had a strong passion for engineering and automotive design. I have experience with automotive mechanics and repair, turbocharging, engine tuning and logging, and custom fabrication.

Hard Working
Fast Learner
Problem Solving



Senior Software Developer
Red Hat, Inc.

2021 - Present, Raleigh, NC

A senior software developer offering programming, infrastructure, and DevOps expertise within the IT User group. This group is responsible for all authentication and authorization to Red Hat resources by customers and organizations through a single sign-on service and related microservices. This includes access to as well as access to Red Hat’s official container registry. The team maintains many integrations to Red Hat marketing and sales segments within the company. As well as provides upstream contributions to the open source project, Keycloak, based on our experience and extensions developed with it.

  • Worked primarily on Java codebases utilizing technologies such as Spring, Jboss, Jakarta EE, Hibernate, Infinispan, and Mysql.
  • Developed a process for customers to create dynamic organizational service accounts through a publicly exposed REST API.
  • Service accounts are used to programmatically access Red Hat managed applications and services, such as Openshift Cluster Manager and Red Hat Openshift Streams for Apache Kafka, through the Red Hat Hybrid Cloud platform.
  • An integral part of the client integrations team. Where we design public facing standards for Oauth2 scopes and claims used throughout Red Hat Integrations. As well as provide service and support for single sign-on client enablements throughout the company.
  • Developed a way of deploying Jenkins that is highly portable within our Openshift 4 managed platform. This CI/CD system is used to kick off builds, sign images, and initiate Openshift deployments to our pre-prod and production environments.
  • Investigated migration of legacy VM installations to Openshift. As well as planned for migration of several Java-based microservices from Openshift 3 to Openshift 4.
  • Created several Python based automations. For performing GDPR anonymization, export compliance, and self-service of single sign-on clients.

Cloud Solutions Engineer and Developer
Lenovo, Inc.

2018 - 2021, Research Triangle, NC

Software Development within the Datacenter Group

  • Team lead for the RESTful API middleware layers of the Management Portal. Responsible for developing and maintaining the Java Spring application used for both the publicly facing Swagger API as well as the private API used by the off-premise portal.
  • Developed integrations to the product such as an Ansible module and a Terraform Provider.
  • Worked with Operations teams and external companies and services, such as Red Hat, AWS, ThreatX, and Datadog, to provide new features and support for off-prem and on-prem components.
  • Developed a fully autonomous performance testing framework, based on Docker, Jenkins, Elasticsearch, and Phoronix Test Suite. Utilized in ThinkAgile CP for regression testing, AB testing, and detecting performance variations during the release lifecycle.
  • This automation pipeline was utilized in other Lenovo projects and research, such as Lenovo Open Cloud, and was incorporated into a talk for the 2019 Red Hat Summit in Boston. As well as a part of a presentation for the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.
  • Was awarded on three separate occasions for outstanding performance within the Lenovo Datacenter Group.
  • Frequently consulted by developers for code reviews, and helped management implement latest development methodologies such as: Agile through the use of scrum, sprints, and sprint planning sessions. Gitflow development processes using Git. And CI/CD automations through Jenkins and Gitlab runners.

Senior Python Developer and DevOps Engineer
Salesfusion, Inc. (Now Sugar Market by SugarCRM)

2015 - 2018, Atlanta, GA

Salesfusion is a B2B marketing automation platform. Salesfusion has over 500 active customers and has helped marketers achieve success across the world. The web-based solution allows clients to create and send rich email campaigns, keep in touch with their contacts through interactive landing pages and forms, and provides insightful marketing statistics in innovative ways.

  • Implemented Python based systems for asynchronous job scheduling, custom CRM integrations, public and internal RESTful APIs, data acquisition and management, as well as for statistical analysis.
  • Developed warehousing ETL processes for loading and analyzing large datasets using ElasticSearch and Amazon Redshift.
  • Constructed advanced Linux platforms for highly scalable clusters of producer and consumer processes for services not limited to: sending email, processing email deliverability, landing page form submissions, web analytics, and webhooks calls for third party integrations.
  • Created automated processes for implementing and deploying services from scratch. Used provisioning tools to update and manage virtualized and dynamic services in the cloud. Implemented blue green deployments for the continuous deployment of our newest features with zero downtime.
  • Maintained and was point of contact for our Amazon Cloud services. Managed over 100 Amazon EC2 and RDS instances in multiple regions using Linux and Windows based AMIs. Managed Route 53 DNS entrees, load balancers, and autoscaling groups for dynamically scaling and highly available infrastructures. Setup S3 buckets for static content. Increased cost savings by using Reserved Instances and by creating scalable software solutions.
  • Configured Nginx for reverse proxying and load balancing. Developed continuous deployment strategies for managing SSL certificates for customer facing landing pages and forms.
  • Founded our engineering Lunch and Learn sessions where developers can showcase their recent projects and spread knowledge through out the company.
  • Used frameworks and technologies such as: Django, Celery, Redis, RabbitMQ, SQLAlchemy, Flask, Docker, Aurora, ElasticSearch, and many others to develop the Salesfusion platform.

Senior Middleware Engineer
Nead Werx, Inc

2011 - 2015, Atlanta, GA

Served as a senior full stack developer for a custom ERP system developed from the ground up for the worlds largest home improvement retailer, The Home Depot. This software solution is the system of record for any physical merchandise display changes for over 2,256 retail stores within the USA.

  • Used technologies such as PHP, Javascript, PERL, and Postgresql on a daily basis to create rich and powerful interactive web pages, fully functional dashboards, automated PDF and Excel Reports, Gantt charts, project task timelines, issue management and accountability solutions, ordering systems, as well as sortable, filterable, and highly customizable data tables.
  • Applied expertise in backend development to create the internal API used for all actions facilitated by the front end.
  • Contributed software engineering expertise in the development of products through the software lifecycle, from requirements definition, through user acceptance testing, and successful deployment.
  • Facilitated customization of systems by encouraging software engineering team to adopt emerging standards for software development architecture and tools.
  • Introduced methodologies and best practices that enhanced product definition and customization of applications to user needs.

Quality Assurance Intern
RouteMatch Software (Now part of Uber)

2007 - 2009, Atlanta, GA

Assisted in the testing, design, and development of the newest revisions to the RouteMatch codebase as a summer intern for three years.

  • Smoke testing and QA for the newest revisions of the RouteMatch software. Wrote bug reports and interfaced with bug testing suites. Backed up and restored client SQL databases for development purposes. Communicated directly with developers and support team.


Arch Linux

Maintainer of the following packages in the AUR:


Flickr Management System is a filesystem that syncs a Flickr account to a directory. FlickrMS utilizes the Filesystem in Userspace (FUSE) libraries to expose your Flickr photos directly on a system.


Logstash configuration for pfSense firewall syslog events. Ship firewall events into Elasticsearch. Includes Kibana dashboards in order to visualize firewall block events, port scans, and more.


Was a senior developer on this ERP software which helps retailers around the world achieve success in merchandise.

Lenovo ThinkAgile CP
Lead Middleware Developer

The ThinkAgile CP product line was introduced in order to meet the specific needs of organizations requiring on-prem cloud harware yet require public cloud reliability. Deploy advanced virtual infrastructures, administrate stacks remotely, as well as create highly reliabile and performant applications using this hybrid cloud offering.

Sugar Market (formerly Salesfusion)
Senior Developer and DevOps

This marketing automation platform combines advanced analytics and data driven pipelines in order to improve management of contacts, email deliverability, and landing pages and forms.


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Magna Cum Laude
Extracurricular Activities
  • Specialized in Computing Platforms, High Performance Computing, and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Member of the Upsilon Pi Epsilon: The International Honor Society for the Computing and Information Disciplines.
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science